A one-of-a-kind journey to the wonders that exist beyond the ocean’s door. Invigorate your spirit through up-close encounters with playful penguins, mysterious sharks, or gentle beluga whales. Experience the thrill of riding the high seas on pulse-pounding rides. Let your heart be swept away by the power and awe of the sea’s mighty ruler, Shamu. “One Ocean” features SeaWorld’s majestic killer whales as ambassadors of the sea, and the ocean as the centre of our natural world, sharing a message that both animals and humans are part of one world, with one ocean, and its future is in our hands to cherish and protect. Shamu Stadium’s three-story set, panoramic LED screens and hundreds of surround-sound speakers envelop guests in the show experience. Brilliantly coloured lights, soaring fountains, stunning underwater imagery are set to an original, contemporary musical score with global rhythms.

Once you’ve been here, you’ll never look at the sea and its incredible inhabitants the same way again.