Enjoy a refreshing cocktail at Dawa Bar, a rustic watering hole overlooking the African waterfront and located next to Tusker House Restaurant.


White Wine

Beyond Sauvignon Blanc 9.00

Kanu Chenin Blanc 8.00

Brampton Chardonnay 9.00

Red Wine

Goats du Roam 8.00

Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon 8.00

Cape Indaba Shiraz 8.00

Zambra Sangria 7.50

Draft Beer

Safari Amber 6.00

Bud Light 5.25

Bottled Beer

Tusker Lager (Kenya) 6.75

Windhoek Lager (Namibia) 6.75

Yuengling 5.75

Blue Moon 5.75

Budweiser 5.75

Corona 5.75

Speciality Cocktails

African Margartia 8.25

Lost on Safari 7.25

Dawa Colada 7.50

Harambe Cooler 9.25