DINOSAUR is a thrilling adventure at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park aboard a time rover that transports Guests to the age of dinosaurs on a daring quest to bring back a living piece of history.

A routine visit to The Dino Institute museum is interrupted by a mischievous scientist with a secret mission. The scientist recruits you to travel back to the Cretaceous era, 65 million years ago, to capture a mild-mannered Iguanodon and return to the present day with the 3.5-ton dinosaur in tow.

Once you climb aboard an experimental CTX Time Rover, you'll want to buckle up. Time travel can be one turbulent trip!

Your rover arrives in a dark prehistoric forest that's almost pitch black, but you can sense large creatures are moving all around you. Some are gentle giants; others are monstrous meat-eating predators in search of a tasty snack. Suddenly an enormous animal appears—and it is not one of the friendly variety.

The Iguanodon is nowhere to be found and you're lost in a thick jungle with hungry dinosaurs, but that's not the worst of it: the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs is about to strike. You've got to find your target and get out of the past before you become history.

The countdown begins: 60 seconds before the meteor pulverizes the Earth! You hear the terrifying roar of an unimaginably huge beast. Is it the friendly Iguanodon or the carnivorous Carnotaurus? Get ready for a bumpy ride filled with thrills and close calls!

The clock is ticking. Will you escape or become extinct?