Pangani Forest Exploration Trail

Pangani Forest Exploration Trail is a self-guided walking tour of native African wildlife in Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park.

Pangani means "place of enchantment," and this exploration trail is an enchanting adventure into a lush, tropical forest and a verdant valley that are right out of the heart of Africa. Take a leisurely walk in search of rare African animals such as gorillas, hippos, okapi, naked mole rats, meerkats and many species of exotic birds.

Exotic Animal Encounters at Pangani Forest Exploration Trail

The first observation post on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail provides the opportunity to observe Stanley Cranes; Okapi, the only known living relative of the giraffe; and Yellow-backed Duikers, a member of the antelope family.

Next, enter a hut where you can watch a fascinating colony of naked mole rats in their underground burrows from a glass observation area.

Continue into an aviary filled with many species of rare African birds such as African pygmy geese, great blue turacos and bearded barbets. Some birds fly freely about, while others are ground-dwelling and roam freely on the floor of the aviary.

As you amble along the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, don't miss the hippos! See these colossal beasts move through the water with effortless grace at an underwater glass viewing area.

Another popular animal to observe is the Meerkat. Check out the Meerkats' antics as you overlook an African grassland savannah that is also home to several types of grazing animals such as marabou storks and Gerenuks.

One of the major highlights of the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail comes towards the end of the trail: an encounter with a troop of Lowland gorillas. Did you know the Lowland gorillas are vegetarians, non-violent and that 98% of their DNA is identical to human DNA?

View these magnificent creatures up close from one of several viewing areas that overlook the multiple habitats for these endangered species. Be on the lookout for the massive silverback males and their families. As your visit to the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail draws to a close, you will indeed have experienced a wondrous "place of enchantment."

The Pangani Forest Exploration Trail is located in the Africa area of the Theme Park. It begins near the Kilimanjaro Safaris and ends near the Harambe station of the Wildlife Express Train.