The Oasis Exhibits

The Oasis Exhibits inside the entrance to Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park are lush, tropical garden pathways filled with wildlife such as wallabies, deer and exotic birds. These garden paths lead to Safari Village, the centre of the Theme Park.

With shady trails, a variety of flora and fauna, waterfalls and meandering streams, and early morning mist that covers the ground, the Oasis Exhibits are more than just an entryway into the Theme Park—they are a tropical retreat that sets the atmosphere for the Theme Park experience.

Watch for the Parma wallaby, tree-kangaroo, giant anteater, sloth and exotic birds like the Hyacinth Macaw in these natural habitat settings that are home to a variety of animals.

The Oasis Exhibit pathways lead to Safari Village, the centre and hub of Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park.