Studio Backlot Tour

Studio Backlot Tour is a 35-minute, behind-the-scenes guided walk and tram ride showcasing the art of special effects in movies at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park.

Go behind the scenes for a backstage look at how the magic of movies is made! Begin your guided tour with a short walk to a special outdoor viewing area and discover how battles and storms at sea are created with the help of water tanks and pyrotechnics. Lucky Guests chosen beforehand will get the unique opportunity to participate in the Harbor Attack, creating battle scenes at sea.

After the brief show, embark on a jaunt through a prop warehouse where you just may notice a few familiar items made famous movies. Then, board an open-air, 200-seat tram and embark on a tour of the backlot, where lifelike sets seen in familiar television shows and movies mingle with delightful topiaries, production bungalows and vehicles used in Disney movies.

Wind your way past soundstages, peek inside the Disney's Hollywood Studios camera and snap a picture of the props and lighting departments. Toward the end of your eye-opening ride, prepare to face nature's fury during a detour through Catastrophe Canyon, where an earthquake, a flash flood and explosions and crashes are sure to delight everyone in the family.

After the tour, visit the American Film Institute Showcase where Guests of all ages can view costumes, props and sets from recent and classic movies and television shows.