Ellen’s Energy Adventure

Ellen’s Energy Adventure

Ellen's Energy Adventure is a multimedia attraction starring comedian Ellen DeGeneres at Epcot theme park. Join Ellen on a whimsical trip through time to examine the forces that fuel our lives and the universe—plus give us energy!

The adventure begins as Ellen slips into sleep in front of the television while watching Jeopardy! Her dream of being a contestant on the game show turns alarming when she realizes she's pitted against her college rival "Smart Judy" and the quiz categories are all about energy—a subject Ellen knows nothing about.

Lucky for her, Bill Nye the Science Guy is her neighbour and together they travel through time for some tutoring on the topic.

Join them on their journey through the creation of the universe. See and hear the explosive Big Bang. Travel around, between and under giant dinosaurs. Narrowly escape streams of molten lava. Discover how fossil fuels were formed. Float far above Earth with satellites and atoms, and finally, explore a future filled with fusion power.

Find out what a little brain power—and a lot of laughs—can accomplish on Ellen's Energy Adventure at the Universe of Energy Pavilion in the Future World area of Epcot theme park.