Leave A Legacy

Leave A Legacy

Throughout history, people have commemorated important events with unique creations and special dedications. At Epcot, Guests celebrated the new millennium—and made their mark at the park—with Leave A Legacy.

Located just inside the Epcot Main Entrance turnstiles, this spectacular instalment of granite monoliths features thousands of personal imprints from Guests.

The Design

Created by Imagineers and art students as a tribute to the millennial milestone, Leave A Legacy is both a work of art and a family album. Here, Guests have shared their park experiences in the form of a one-square-inch digital etching on a commemorative tile and mounted on the monoliths.

Here are a few fun facts about Leave A Legacy:

  • There are 35 sculpted stones in the plaza, ranging from 3 to 19 feet tall
  • The heaviest monolith weighs more than 50,000 pounds
  • The walls of the sculptures were designed to hold approximately 700,000 images

Locate Your Legacy

Is your park experience captured at Leave A Legacy? To locate your image, visit the Camera Centre at the base of Spaceship Earth. Here, a Cast Member will provide specific directions to help you find your tile.