The American Heritage Gallery

The American Heritage Gallery

The American Heritage Gallery is a rotating exhibit that features artefacts from important Americans and events in the American Adventure Pavilion at Epcot theme park. You'll catch the spirit of imagination, of innovation, of possibilities—the spirit of America herself.

Be inspired by the spectacular and unique pieces of Americana that are on loan from several prestigious institutions and private lenders. Such iconic artefacts as Rosie the Riveter posters from World War II, busdriver items from the time of Rosa Parks' fateful protest and other curios fill this spellbinding record of our history.

Get a rare glimpse into the lives of the people who were guided by idealism and the belief in a better tomorrow—including Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver, Jackie Robinson and many others.

These people may carry titles such as humanitarian, scientist, artist, civil rights activist or athlete, but above all they were visionaries who worked hard to make their dreams come true—and it was on these dreams that this nation was built. Do you know how far your dreams will take you?

Visit often—the items in the National Treasures collection change as the exhibit continues.