Timing of porphyry (CuMo) and base metal (ZnPbAgCu

The Morococha district in central Peru is characterised by economically important Cordilleran polymetallic (ZnPbAgCu) vein and replacement bodies and the large Toromocho porphyry CuMo deposit in its centre. UPb, ReOs, and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology data for various porphyryrelated hydrothermal mineralisation styles record a 3.5Ma multistage history of magmatichydrothermal activity in

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Ages of sedimenthosted Himalayan PbZnCuAg

The Lanping basin is a significant PbZnCuAg mineralization belt of the Sanjiang Tethyan metallogenic province in China. Over 100 thrustcontrolled, sedimenthosted, Himalayan base metal deposits have been discovered in this basin, including the largest sandstonehosted PbZn deposit in the world (Jinding), and several Cu ± Ag ± Co deposits (Baiyangping, Baiyangchang and Jinman).

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The crustal continuum model for lateArchaean lodegold

Most Archaean gold ores belong to a coherent genetic group of structurally controlled lodedeposits that are characteristically enriched in Au with variable enrichments in Ag, As, W, Sb, Bi, Te, B and Pb, but rarely Cu or Zn, and are surrounded by wallrock alteration haloes enriched in K, LILE and CO 2, with variable Na and/or Ca addition.Evidence from the Yilgarn Block of Western Australia

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Mineralium Deposita Online first articles

Gold and tin mineralisation in the ultramafichosted Cheoeum vent field Behavior of critical metals in metamorphosed PbZn ore deposits: example from the Pyrenean Axial Zone Authors Platinumgroup element geochemistry of the volcanic rocks associated with the Jaguar and Bentley CuZn volcanogenic massive sulfide

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Flow Analysis of the Mercury Associated with Nonferrous

Region Zn Pb Cu Nonferrous metal production Reference 1999 China 148 40 10 198 Streets et al., 2005 1 2003 d China 187.6 70.7 17.6 275.9 Wu et al., 20062 2003 China 115.0 70.7 17.6 203.3 Pirrone et al., 2010 3 2005 China 37.59 29.75 15.84 83.19 Hylander and Herbert, 2008 4 2005 China c c c 65.8 AMAP/UNEP, 2008 5

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Chlorite as an exploration indicator for concealed skarn

In contrast, the replacementtype chlorite has higher contents of mobile elements (e.g., Ca, Na, B, Sr, Pb, Zn and Sn) and oreforming elements (e.g., Cu and Co), which are clearly linked to the compositions of the hydrothermal fluid and the precursor minerals (e.g., garnet and epidote) (Fig. 8a, b).

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Porphyry CuAuMoepithermal AgPbZndistal

Highlights Three largescale ore deposits comprising the Dexing porphyry CuAuMo deposit, the Yinshan epithermal AgPbZn deposit, and shear zone hosted lode gold deposit in a Jurassic volcanic basin. Based on the detialed field investigation and previous studies three of them are proposd to be a mineral system around Middle Jurassic granodiorite stocks. We suggest a model of

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